The conference will cover the following topics:
  1. The causes and consequences of deficiencies in the metabolism of B vitamins and homocysteine
  2. Genetic polymorphisms affecting one-carbon metabolism
  3. Epigenetic mechanisms in hyperhomocysteinemia and B vitamin deficiencies
  4. Effects of microbiome on homocysteine/one-carbon metabolism; the role of dysbiosis in human disease
  5. Interactions between homocysteine, B vitamins, and reproduction
  6. Dysregulation of homocysteine/one-carbon metabolism and the development of neurological diseases
  7. Functions of choline in one-carbon metabolism in health and disease

Preliminary program:

Session 1
Genetics and epigenetics of hyperhomocysteinemia
Session 2
Methionine, one-carbon metabolism, and life span
Session 3
Microbiome and one-carbon metabolism in health and disease
Session 4
Protein modification by homocysteine in health and disease
Session 5
B-vitamins, Hcy, and protein N-homocysteinylation (neural tube defects; male infertility)
Session 6
Hcy and CVD (brain, heart, kidney)
Session 7
Hcy and neurodegeneration (brain, eye)
Session 8
Hcy, one-carbon metabolism, and cancer